The Vanguard Podcast is a bi-annual podcast of Homebound Publications featuring interviews and commentary from those at “the forefront of creativity.” Each episode, we feature intimate conversations with artists, authors, musicians, innovators, and activists who are pushing the boundaries of the creative endeavor.

Leslie M Browning

Leslie M Browning

Co-Founder and Host

L.M. Browning is an award-winning author of eleven books. In her writing, Browning explores the confluence of the natural landscape and the interior landscape. In 2010, Browning debuted with a three-title contemplative poetry series. She has freelanced for several publications and has a biannual interview column in The Wayfarer Magazine in which she has interviewed dozens of notable figures such as Academy Award-Nominated filmmaker Tomm Moore and Peabody-winning host of On Being Krista Tippett. Balancing her passion for writing with her love of learning, Browning is a graduate of the University of London, and a Fellow with the International League of Conservation Writers. In 2011, she opened Homebound Publications, a rising independent publishing house. She is currently working to complete a B.A. in Creative Writing at Harvard University’s Extension School in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Kelly Kancyr

Kelly Kancyr

Co-Founder and Producer

At the rebellious age of 8, Kelly Kancyr turned her first instrument—the violin—into a guitar, playing it like a distorted Les Paul. Learning in that moment that musical instruments don’t have to be played in a traditional way; a philosophy that lies at the heart of her style.Drawn to wide array of genres, Kelly finds she can change musical stylings as easily as she has moved around the world. Johnny Cash, Joni Mitchell and Lucinda Williams, are just some of the influences echoing as undercurrents to her songs. In her vintage folk rhythms and emotionally raw lyrics, you can hear both the wide open spaces of Santa Fe, and the rocky beaches of the east coast. Now 20 years into her career, Kancyr finds herself taking on the role of a mentor to the next generation of young musicians. Kelly has performed throughout the United States. Her music has been featured on television stations such as ABC-WTNH, and radio stations such as WNHU and WPKN. She is currently working on her first album.


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